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Allstar is proud to be your trusted local chimney sweep service. With over 30 years of experience, Allstar is the place to go for all of your chimney and fireplace needs. We know how important the safety of your family and home are, which is why we take our work seriously.

Our experienced technicians use the highest quality equipment to ensure that your chimney and fireplace are looking and operating their best. From comprehensive chimney inspections to repairs, installations, and much more, our knowledgeable technicians are dedicated to providing you with top notch customer service at honest, affordable prices. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Call the professionals at Allstar to schedule an inspection today!

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Breathe Clean Air

Blockages in your chimney will have serious negative effects on the quality of your air. Smoke is hard on the lungs, and if it’s not all going out the chimney, it’s coming back into your home and your body. Wildlife such as birds or squirrels run the risk of blocking proper ventilation, creating hazards for both your health and theirs. The waste of these animals can also carry respiratory diseases. Allstar Chimney Sweep Hoover Teams have experience and training for humane animal removal and all chimney cleaning degrees. Certainly, hiring a professional is the best (and possibly only) way to solve an air quality issue that the chimney causes.


Chimney Fires Prevention Guide

Safety of  your home, your family, and yourself is the top priority. That even means taking proper measures to protect against potential chimney fires. If you are going to use your chimney and fireplace system, then it is your responsibility to know how to properly clean the chimney flue to prevent chimney fires. Also, the following are tips on how to prevent chimney fires. Proper Fuel Make sure the wood is seasoned and when choosing a type of wood, go for a hardwood like oak, maple, or ash. A...

What Are The Other Types of Inspections?

Ever wonder what happens in different types of inspections? Yes, inspections look for flaws in the structure. There are two types for chimneys that look at each component in depth. At Allstar, our two types of inspections are exterior and interior. With having these inspections, especially after a natural disaster like hurricanes, insurance may or may not cover it. Best to read below for more information. Exterior Inspection We will check the height of the chimney, to make sure that it is the...
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Why You Should Get Your Fireplace Chimney Cleaned Annually

Annual Cleaning Fireplaces are welcoming, soothing, and romantic. Sitting fireside is a great spot to experience a hot cup of coffee, relax, study a book, or cuddle with your loved one on a cold night. Not only are fireplaces perfect for a relaxing night, but they also help you save on home heating costs. However, as with any heating appliance, ideal preservation is necessary for making sure your home is not at risk for fires and to prolong your fireplace’s life. You can do this by getting...

Chimney & Fireplace Cap, Cover and Damper Repairs

If you live along the Gulf Coast you know that we get a lot of rain. In fact, we get more rain than anyplace in the country, including Seattle. Therefore, when it comes to rainfall Mobile is first, Pensacola is second and Seattle is a distant 41st.So much rain is a big deal when it comes to fireplaces and chimneys.  Fireplaces, Chimneys, and Leaks In basic terms, the problem with fireplace and chimney leakage is that water combines with the creosote that remains from fires to form an acidic...
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Role of Chimney Company in Chimney Sweeping

Nowadays, chimney sweep companies utilize latest technologies and are trained for your safety. A chimney company represents a team of trusted specialists to help you in the area of chimney sweeping. They not only help you in making your chimney clean but also can improve your chimney's effectiveness for you. So, it is better to contract a proper chimney company before hiring any chimney sweep or any other professional. Homeowners should look to choose a chimney company that is deeply trained...
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5 Reasons Why Chimney Flue Cleaning is Essential for Proper Chimney Maintenance

Your chimney flue is an important part of the fireplace and arguably one of the most important parts of the home to keep an eye on. The chimney flue is exposed to the worst type of fumes from all your fires. Since it acts as the passageway for the smoke to the outside, it tends to build-up residue after some use. This residue, often called soot or creosote by professionals, is harmful to your chimney as well as the health of your family members. So, you need to have it addressed as soon as...

Summer cleaning tips

Great Tips Despite the fact that the glow and dampness of summer are still upon us, right now is an ideal opportunity to begin contemplating the protected activity of chimney for the up and coming fall and winter season. The threat of a filthy stack is not to be downplayed and is unquestionably suggested that you make arrangements before the chilly climate shows up. A substance called creosote will develop and cake the sides of your fireplace. The risk of creosote is that it is basically...
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Why Install a Chimney Cap Even if You Don’t Use Your Fireplace

Even if you only use your fireplace as part of your decor, the chimney still needs a cap. Many homeowners assume that they don’t need to worry about their chimney if they never light up a fire in their hearth. This isn’t true. Leaving your chimney without a cap puts your home at risk of unpleasant pests, expensive damage and toxic mold. There are 4 reasons why every chimney needs a cap: 1. Keep Pests Out of the Chimney Many animals—from squirrels and raccoons to birds and bats—love to nest in...
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Let’s Talk Chimney Odors!

Is there an awful stench originating from your chimney? Odds are, your home has Stinky Fireplace Syndrome. The scent is normally more terrible in the late spring when the moistness is high, and the climate control system is turned on. Nobody needs their chimney to smell – it can ruin your whole home. While it might appear as though all hope is lost, there is a solution. Before we jump into that, let's talk about some possible causes of chimney odor. Causes of Chimney Odor Chimney odor can be...

Awesome Wood-Burning Tips

Did you know there are over 1,000 species of trees in North America? Each tree produces a different type of wood, with various colors and sizes. The type of wood you burn in your fireplace will affect how hot the fire is, how long it will last, and how much residue will remain.  Whether you are buying wood from your local grocer or getting it from your backyard, it is important to know which type of wood you are going to burn. Some wood is better for your needs, while others may burn too hot....

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