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You’re here because you’ve found yourself with a chimney problem. Our technicians will come to your home and perform a tailored service just for you so your chimney problem can be a thing of the past.

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Allstar Chimney Sweeps of Dallas

Allstar Chimney Sweep Texas is your local full-service chimney company that you can rely on. We have a passion for helping people establish and maintain safety within their homes. We have been servicing fireplaces and chimneys for over 30 years and continue to stay up to date on the most modern techniques within the industry. A part of our mission is to involve our customers in the service process we perform to keep you informed and confident in the safety of your unit.

Our first priority is to help keep our community safe by educating you on the risks associated with not keeping up the maintenance on your fireplace and chimney. There are many risks associated with not getting your chimney serviced regularly. Over time it is common for chimneys and fireplaces to develop voids and cracks. When left unattended these leave your chimney vulnerable to water entry which could result in a crumbling chimney or even damage to the walls, floors, and ceiling inside your home. However, the biggest risk is your home catching fire and burning down. This would be a tragic and irreversible consequence of something a chimney inspection could help you avoid. Chimneys that are not regularly assessed are likely to develop cracks and voids that leave the system vulnerable to fire-reaching combustible materials. These risks and other common concerns of chimneys is why Allstar has developed full-service options. Whether you need an inspection, sweep, repair, waterproofing, animal removal, or installation we have a solution to fit your needs.

The time to use your fireplace again is approaching rapidly. It’ll be cold before you know it. We don’t want you to light your first fire of the season wondering if it will simply keep you warm or cause a house fire and put you and your livelihood at stake. Call Allstar today so you no longer have to wonder and worry about your chimney.

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Commonly Requested Services

Chimney sweep

Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeps are vital to the lifespan of your chimney and in promoting safety in your home as a whole. A sweep removes soot and creosote to help you avoid the devastating result of a chimney or house fire. They also offer the great benefit of providing the technician performing the sweep with the opportunity to complete an inspection on your fireplace and chimney to make sure other safety measures are also in place.

chimney repair on rusty cap

Chimney Repair

No one should be in need of a masonry repair and be faced with a long drawn-out process. Allstar proudly offers a two-step process in masonry repairs. Step one consists of you getting your initial inspection. Step two consists of the technicians coming right back to your home to complete your specialized repair plan. A huge part of our mission is to provide quality repairs while also using the opportunity to involve and educate our customers.

Chimney inspection

Chimney Inspection

All people do not get inspections for the same reasons. Some people are experiencing issues such as water leaks or foul smells while others may be in the process of buying, selling, or renovating their homes. Whatever the reason is that you’re seeking an inspection, Allstar has you covered. With over 30 years of experience, Allstar has created an inspection process that will include a survey of each aspect of your chimney.

Servicing your chimney does not have to be hard for you. Allstar is here to help you get rid of the stress of maintaining your fireplace and chimney.

You’ve finally found the right people to satisfy all your chimney and fireplace needs, contact us now!

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