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Allstar Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama is dedicated to keeping your chimney and fireplace safe for years to come. When you hire our technicians, you hire experts with years of experience and dedication to the field who possess industry leading skills to get the job done. They are all trained through an industry-leading program that teaches them how to safely perform each sweep without issue and make sure you are knowledgeable about the process every step of the way. Allstar Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama.

Protect your Home

Regular chimney cleanings will help maintain the efficiency which will, in turn, prevent fires, smoke from leaking out, and any other potential hazards from happening.

Breathe Better Air

Through our professional chimney cleanings, we strive to improve air quality by preventing any blockages. When too much soot is built up inside your chimney, this could cause smoke to leak back and could fill up your home. This is extremely bad for you to breathe in. As such, it is best to hire a professional chimney sweep to inspect your chimney to prevent this and many other issues from happening.

Chimney Sweep Mobile AL

The Three Levels of Chimney Inspections

Your home is a place of warmth and pride. Your fireplace should take part in that feeling. Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort throughout the fall and winter months by housing an open fire. Just like any other part of the home, your chimney and fireplace system will require regular maintenance. Regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure that the chimney and fireplace system is functioning properly and safely.

A sweep and inspection are important to uncover the hidden secrets of the chimney system. Performing these steps uncovers needed to be repaired, remove any blockages, and flammable materials are. With that being said, there are a few questions to answer.

Level 1:

A Level 1 chimney inspection is the standard base inspection. The chimney technician will examine the chimney to ensure that there are no structural issues, obstructions, or damage to the chimney system. This inspection covers the easily accessible areas of the chimney exterior, interior, and connections. A Level 1 inspection does not require specialized tools.

Level 2:

Level 2 inspections are required when a change occurs within the chimney system. Such changes can include changes in fuel type, shape, or material in the flue (such as lining).

Adding or replacing an appliance will also require an inspection. Also, this level is mandatory when selling or transferring a property. Malfunctions and damage caused by external factors such as extreme weather or building or chimney fires also call for a Level 2 inspection.

There is no need for specialty tools to perform a Level 2 inspection. However, it does include an internal visual inspection performed with video scanning or other means.

Level 3:

A Level 1 or a Level 2 inspection may reveal hidden hazards. In this case, a Level 3 inspection will be required. Level 3 inspection involves specialized tools and may require the removal of some of the buildings or chimneys to access problematic areas.

Annual inspections ensure that your chimney system is operating properly.

Looking to have a sweep and inspection done? Look no further, Allstar Chimney Sweeps Mobile Alabama is here to provide you with high-quality service and experience.
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How often should I have an inspection performed?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, it states that chimneys should be inspected and swept at least once a year, if not twice a year.

What should I expect during an inspection?

Normally, chimney inspections will follow a three-level format. Each level determines how in-depth the inspection will be. This is given to the

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