Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana

Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana

You’re here because you’ve found yourself with a chimney problem. Our technicians will come to your home and perform a tailored service just for you so your chimney problem can be a thing of the past.

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Chimney Sweeping

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Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana

Introducing Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana, your trusted local chimney cleaning service in New Orleans. With a solid reputation built over 30 years of experience, Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana is your go-to destination for all your chimney and fireplace needs. We understand the paramount importance of your family’s safety and the well-being of your home, which is why we approach our work with utmost dedication.

Our team of seasoned technicians utilizes top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that your chimney and fireplace not only look their best but also function optimally. Whether it’s comprehensive chimney inspections, repairs, installations, or more, our knowledgeable technicians are committed to delivering outstanding customer service at honest and affordable prices. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. Reach out to the professionals at Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana today to schedule an inspection and take proactive steps towards maintaining a secure environment.

Your chimney stands as the highest point of your home, leaving it vulnerable to the elements, such as wind, rain, tornadoes, and hurricanes. In some cases, your chimney may have weak points that allow leaves and debris to accumulate inside or even grant access to unwelcome animals.

Issues like these can lead to water damage not only to your chimney but also to other areas of your home. This, in turn, can result in the growth of mold, which poses respiratory risks, as well as property damage to your ceilings and walls. Neglecting these problems could have dire consequences, as a subsequent fire lit in your fireplace could potentially engulf your house and jeopardize your livelihood.

Say goodbye to uncertainties about your chimney today. Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana takes pride in offering same-day availability, allowing you to regain your peace of mind and ensure the safety of your home. Contact Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana now, and let us assist you in restoring confidence in your chimney and safeguarding your cherished abode.

What to Expect During a Chimney Inspection

Your residence exudes warmth and a sense of achievement. Your fireplace should seamlessly resonate with these emotions. As the autumn and winter seasons arrive, fireplaces not only provide warmth but also cultivate a soothing ambiance, thanks to the crackling flames they contain. Just as you attend to every other aspect of your home, maintaining your chimney and fireplace system becomes indispensable.

Consistent upkeep and attentive care are fundamental to ensuring the effective and secure operation of your chimney and fireplace setup. Engaging in regular sweeps and inspections is crucial for uncovering the concealed complexities of the chimney system. These actions bring to light necessary repairs, eliminate obstructions, and eliminate potentially flammable materials.

Consequently, a natural sequence of inquiries emerges.

The Three Levels of Chimney Inspections

Level 1:

A Level 1 chimney inspection serves as the foundational standard examination. During this assessment, the chimney expert will meticulously review the chimney to guarantee the absence of structural concerns, blockages, or harm to the chimney system. This scrutiny encompasses the readily reachable sections of the chimney’s exterior, interior, and connections. Notably, a Level 1 inspection doesn’t necessitate the use of specialized equipment.

Level 2:

Level 2 inspections are required when a change occurs within the chimney system. Such changes can include change of fuel type, shape or material in the flue (such as lining). Adding or replacing an appliance will also require an inspection. Also, this level is mandatory when selling or transferring a property. Malfunctions and damage caused by external factors such as extreme weather or building or chimney fires also call for a Level 2 inspection.

There is no need for specialty tools to perform a Level 2 inspection. However, it does include an internal visual inspection performed with video scanning or other means.

Level 3:

If a Level 1 or Level 2 inspection uncovers hidden hazards, a Level 3 inspection becomes necessary. A Level 3 inspection utilizes specialized tools and may involve removing portions of the building or chimney to access problematic areas.

Regular annual inspections are crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your chimney system.

Are you in need of a chimney sweep and inspection? Search no more, as Allstar Chimney Sweep is here to offer you exceptional service and expertise.

Chimney Sweep New Orleans Louisiana

AllStar Chimney Sweep New Orleans

Chimney sweep

Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeps are vital to the lifespan of your chimney and in promoting safety in your home as a whole. A sweep removes soot and creosote to help you avoid the devastating result of a chimney or house fire. They also offer the great benefit of providing the technician performing the sweep with the opportunity to complete an inspection on your fireplace and chimney to make sure other safety measures are also in place.

chimney repair on rusty cap

Chimney Repair

No one should be in need of a masonry repair and be faced with a long drawn-out process. Allstar proudly offers a two-step process in masonry repairs. Step one consists of you getting your initial inspection. Step two consists of the technicians coming right back to your home to complete your specialized repair plan. A huge part of our mission is to provide quality repairs while also using the opportunity to involve and educate our customers.

Chimney inspection

Chimney Inspection

All people do not get inspections for the same reasons. Some people are experiencing issues such as water leaks or foul smells while others may be in the process of buying, selling, or renovating their homes. Whatever the reason is that you’re seeking an inspection, Allstar has you covered. With over 30 years of experience, Allstar has created an inspection process that will include a survey of each aspect of your chimney.

Repairs on Caps, Covers, & Dampers

Chimney Crown

In areas like the Gulf Coast and along the eastern coast, there are more rain storms than anywhere else in the United States. This particular region gets more rain than Seattle. Based on the rainfall, Mobile and Pensacola are in the top two spots while Seattle is in the 41st spot. This regions rainfall is a big deal when it comes to chimneys and fireplaces. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) says, “water, not, causes most chimney damage.” The CSIA also says, “Whether masonry or factory-built, prolonged water exposure can result in cracks or gaps in chimneys where creosote can collect and increase the risk of fire or where noxious gases can escape into your home and expose your family to carbon monoxide.”

Fireplaces, Chimneys and Leaks

In basic terms the problem with fireplace and chimney leakage is that water combines with the creosote that remains from fires to form an acidic mixture. Over time that mixture can eat out the silica in the mortar joints.
Once the joints are no longer secure, moisture — remember all that Gulf Coast rain — can get into the house through the chimney. Water seeps through the chimney, underneath the shingles leading to a roof replacement.

Without the proper sealant, heat from fires can travel into areas which should not be exposed to heat, dry out wood, and in some cases cause the wood to catch on fire.

According to a staff report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 22,000 fires a year associated with fireplaces, chimneys and chimney connectors. Such fires can cause substantial damage and in some cases may lead to fatalities.

Also, without caps it does happen that birds and animals get into fireplaces. Sometimes nests are built and animals unable to get out die inside chimneys and fireplaces. Noises and odors can result from such problems.

Caps, Covers and Dampers

You can protect your household with caps, covers and dampers. Caps with spark arresters are devices that go over the flue. They keep out both moisture and animals, plus they help prevent sparks from leaving the chimney. Covers are at the top of the chimney, go around the flue, and protect against moisture. Dampers are inside the chimney itself. They can help create a proper draft to achieve the best fire, plus when closed they prevent animals from getting into the house.

Cap, Cover and Damper Services

Our technicians can install, repair and maintain caps, covers and dampers. We inspect such devices as part of our basic chimney sweep services. We have devices in stock and can recommend the equipment that is right for your fireplace and chimney, whether it is masonry or metal, new or historic.

Allstar Chimney Sweep technicians are here to help ensure your home, family’s, yourself are safe with using your chimney. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to schedule your sweep, inspection, and any needed repairs.

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