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Why Should I Choose Allstar Chimney Sweep New Orleans?

Chimneys require regular cleaning and maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. Neglecting chimney maintenance can lead to a buildup of creosote, a flammable substance that can cause chimney fires. In addition, blockages in the chimney can cause smoke and harmful gases to enter the home.

Professional chimney sweep companies like Allstar Chimney Sweep have the equipment and expertise to clean chimneys thoroughly and safely. They can also identify and address any issues with the chimney, such as cracks or damage to the flue lining.

By using a professional chimney sweep company, you can ensure that your chimney is operating safely and efficiently, and reduce the risk of chimney fires and other hazards. When selecting a chimney sweep company, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced company with positive reviews and credentials.

Why do I need a Chimney Sweep and/or Chimney Inspection

Preventing chimney fires:

When wood is burned, creosote, a flammable substance, is produced and deposited inside the chimney lining. Over time, creosote buildup can ignite and cause a dangerous chimney fire. Regular cleaning by a chimney sweep can help to remove creosote and other debris, reducing the risk of a fire.

Removing blockages:

Chimneys can become blocked by a variety of materials, such as animal nests, leaves, and debris. Blockages can interfere with proper ventilation, which can cause smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into your home. A chimney sweep can remove blockages to ensure proper ventilation and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Identifying potential problems:

During a chimney sweep, a professional sweep can identify any potential problems with your chimney, such as cracks or damage to the flue liner. Early detection can help prevent more serious problems in the future.

Maintaining efficiency:

A clean chimney allows for better airflow, which helps to improve the efficiency of your heating appliance. This can help to save you money on energy costs in the long run.


Rain can be a major issue for chimneys. Water can enter the chimney through cracks in the chimney crown, gaps in the mortar joints, and damaged chimney flashing. Once water enters the chimney, it can cause a range of problems, including chimney deterioration, structural damage, and mold growth.

One of the most common issues caused by rain is chimney spalling, which occurs when moisture penetrates the bricks and causes them to break apart. Water can also cause rust and corrosion to metal components in the chimney, such as the damper and chimney cap. This can lead to a decrease in the chimney’s efficiency and an increase in the risk of chimney fires.

To prevent rain damage to your chimney, it’s important to have it inspected regularly by a professional chimney sweep. They can identify any areas of damage or weakness and recommend repairs to prevent further damage. Additionally, installing a chimney cap and ensuring that the flashing is properly installed and sealed can help keep rainwater out of your chimney. Finally, waterproofing your chimney can also help protect it from rain and moisture damage.

Chimneys and rain

Fireplace Cleaning and Installation New Orleans

What is the point of a Fireplace and why do I need my Fireplace Cleaned?

A fireplace is typically used as a source of heat and can also add ambiance to a home. In addition to heating a room or a home, a fireplace can also be used for cooking, relaxation, and decoration. Fireplaces can use different types of fuel, including wood, gas, or electricity, depending on the type of fireplace.

It is important to have your fireplace cleaned regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly and safely. Over time, creosote can build up in the chimney and flue, which can lead to a dangerous fire hazard. A professional chimney sweep can remove the creosote and other debris that accumulates in the chimney and flue, and also inspect the chimney for any potential problems that could cause a fire or other safety issues.

In addition to preventing fire hazards, having a clean fireplace can also improve the efficiency of your heating system, which can help to lower your energy bills. So, keeping your fireplace clean and well-maintained is not only important for safety, but it can also save you money in the long run.


Water Leak Prevention for Chimneys in New Orleans LA

Install a chimney cap: A chimney cap is a cover that sits on top of your chimney, preventing rainwater and debris from entering the chimney. It’s an effective way to prevent water leaks, and it also helps keep animals out of your chimney.

Seal the chimney crown: The chimney crown is the masonry surface at the top of the chimney. It should be sealed with a waterproof sealant to prevent water from seeping through cracks or gaps. A chimney professional can inspect the crown and recommend the best sealant for your chimney.

Repair any cracks or damage: Any cracks or damage to the chimney masonry can allow water to seep in. A professional chimney repair service can inspect your chimney and repair any damage to prevent water leaks.

Install a flashing: Flashing is a metal barrier installed at the intersection of the chimney and the roof to prevent water from seeping in. Flashing is usually made of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel and should be installed by a professional.

Keep gutters clean: Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and seep into the chimney. Regular cleaning and maintenance of gutters can prevent this from happening.

By taking these steps, you can prevent water leaks on your chimney and protect your home from water damage. It’s essential to hire a professional chimney service to inspect and repair your chimney to ensure it’s safe and functioning correctly.


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