4 Reasons why Your

Fireplace is Smoking

Why is my fireplace smoking?

A fireplace should not smoke. The way it is set up draws smoke out and smoking in your fireplace is a sign something is wrong. Smoke should not be entering your home from your fireplace. 

There are a few reasons your fireplace is smoking. This can be an easy fix or one that requires professional help. 

Here we will discuss reasons there may be smoke entering your home and possible solutions. 

The reasons can usually be remedied without much effort, but some may need a professional to help with it.

Wood issues

The type of wood you use within your fireplace is important. Certain types produce too much creosote. You should always use cured and dried wood as well.

Wet wood can cause excessive amounts of smoke. Make sure you are using the proper wood type to minimize issues within your fireplace.

Closed damper

The damper is used to prevent air from escaping when the fireplace is not in use. By this being shut, you are preventing smoke from exiting as well. 

Opening the damper will help remedy this issue. The damper being closed will push the smoke into your home instead of out of the chimney. 

Blocked chimney

A chimney blocked up with debris will be a main cause of smoke build-up. This is not only an inconvenience, but a block chimney is a major fire hazard. Many things can be blocking up your chimney. 

  • Animals
  • Creosote 
  • Other debris

These can be a major problem due to the anatomy of your chimney. Your chimney being clogged is an accident ready to happen. Carbon monoxide can fill your home. 

Carbon monoxide has zero smell and can easily kill. Ensuring your chimney is clear of any of these is critical to keeping this from your home. 

Another thing to consider is installing CO detectors into your home. These will alert you if levels get too high. 

Animals making their home inside your fireplace is another problem that can occur. Animals such as birds will build nests inside your chimney, and this will plug up your chimney. Hiring a professional to remove these can be a useful method as clearing the airway. Another blockage may be things like leaves inside your chimney.


Improper ventilation

Improper ventilation can cause a vast amount of problems. Smoke, moisture, and fire issues. Your chimney may need to be cleaned or fixed. Calling a professional technician is the best course of action for this.

Improper ventilation puts you at risk for CO poisoning. Not only that but it can damage your chimney, even a chimney not in use needs to be fixed. This is because the ventilation issue can cause moisture to invade. Moisture ultimately causes things like mold to grow around your home. 

That’s a wrap!

There are many other reasons why a fireplace may be smoking. The best course of action is to call a professional like Allstar Chimney Sweeps!

Keeping up proper maintenance is critical to ensuring the best possible outcome as a homeowner. Maintaining your fireplace is important regardless of your usage of it. This is because it is an entrance into your home.