As a homeowner with a fireplace, it would be safest if you do a chimney cleaning and a chimney inspection regularly. How often will depend on a number of factors but let us answer why you need your chimney cleaned in the first place.

Why Should I Get a Professional Chimney Cleaning?

Chimney CleaningYou can do a chimney cleaning DIY or, rather, you can have it done by a professional sweep. The work of a professional sweep is to remove creosote and soot that often cause blockages in the liner of the chimney and to find any dangerous parts that need fixing. They also clean the smoke damper, camber, and fireplace. The chimney cleaning is important as it helps aid proper burning and creates safety against hazards like chimney fires.

It is important to clean creosote since only a minimal buildup will be enough to create a fire. Creosote forms in the chimney liner when smoke forms during wood and some gasses meet vapor inside the cooler walls of the chimney. Accumulation of creosote depends on your burning practices. Wood-like pine leads to a quick buildup of creosote. Apart from a likely fire, creosote also reduces the efficiency of your fireplace.

When Do I Need A Chimney Cleaning and Inspection?

Do you have performance issues with your chimney, fireplace or you are a new homeowner and need an inspection before you light your first fire? Then schedule an inspection and cleaning immediately and do not procrastinate as waiting can only worsen the situation leading to expensive repairs or hazards like fire.

It is also important to carry out a chimney cleaning and inspection when you add a stove, an insert, or have upgraded your heating system. Such an inspection will ensure that the venting system and chimney lining are functioning well and are able to adapt to the new changes.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection in the Summer

Over summer when you probably do not need your fireplace, animals and birds usually tend to turn chimneys into homes for various reasons ranging from predators like snakes preying on smaller animals like baby raccoons or birds might nest there too. A professional chimney inspection and, if needed, a professional chimney cleaning can help you get rid of these animals safely.

These animals clog the chimney and this is why you need chimney inspection and consequently a chimney cleaning. Harsh weather cycles like winter cycles and rain can also take a toll on the liner of the chimney. Over time, the effects worsen and will need repair. If unchecked, the deterioration can slow the performance of your heat and ventilation systems.

When buying or when you intend to sell your home, chimney cleaning becomes an important stage in the buying or selling process. As a buyer, knowing the chimney is clean and inspected gives you the buying confidence and peace of mind. Even as a seller, good selling credentials demand that you ensure chimney inspection as the enables you to fix any arising issues. We bet you can now tell that chimney cleaning and inspection is a smart way of staying on top of your systems. It also guarantees safety and spares you unwarranted costs.

How Often Should I Do a Chimney Cleaning?

How often you get a chimney cleaning depends on a few issues including the type of fire you use. Yearly would be ideal for gas or oil fires. But if you are using wood or coal then your chimney and fireplace need frequent chimney cleaning especially if you use the fireplace often.

Chimneys should be swept any time there is 1/8th of an inch of accumulation of soot or creosote. This buildup occurs anytime a full cord of wood is burned. This means that if you are burning a full cord of wood every burning season then in a year, you need two or three chimney sweeps.

Apart from chimneys, other venting systems connected to furnaces and stoves also require regular cleaning in order to maintain safety and effective performance. Remember, an undiscovered risk might result in expensive damage or, even worse, a chimney fire.

In case you have a regular chimney cleaning, they will automatically schedule you on an annual inspection schedule. Whenever they come for inspections, they will advise you on matters regarding, e.g., the best times for your type of chimney to have a professional chimney cleaning done.

What is the best season to clean my Chimney?

The ideal season to clean your chimney is before the burning season. That is around early fall, summer or spring. These are the best time to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning. But when the weather changes and you feel the need to start a fire, please do not do so until you call for chimney cleaning. Do not wait any longer; we can do your chimney inspection and or cleaning any time of year.

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