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Ever since Allstar Chimney Leak Auburn was established more than 30 years ago, our number one goal has been to ensure the safety of chimney use in our community.

We care about the well-being of people around us and continuously complete training to stay up to date on the safest and most efficient chimney service methods. We use industry-leading products and service techniques for each and every one of our customers.

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The technicians of Allstar Chimney Leak Auburn perform a multi-point inspection that allows them to observe each and every aspect of your chimney and fireplace.

To keep you involved, our technicians take photos throughout the inspection process and provide you with a condition report upon completion of services. Since we offer sweeps, waterproofing, animal removals, installations, and repairs as well, we are qualified to follow up on any necessary chimney and fireplace maintenance for you.

Leaving a chimney or fireplace unassessed can easily have life-changing impacts on you and your home. Some chimney deterioration is common because chimneys are constantly absorbing precipitation. A masonry chimney is similar to a sponge as it is dry and porous and absorbs and releases water. As this cycle is repeated the brick and mortar begin to break down and cause a leaky chimney.

A leaky chimney results in discoloration of the bricks, rusted chimney and fireplace parts, mold growth, and foul smells. These water issues aren’t exclusive to masonry units. Prefabricated chimneys also experience leaks that yield these same results. Ultimately, even if your chimney isn’t being used it’s still necessary to have it inspected so you can live safely and avoid costly damage to your home.

There is something you can do to avoid unforeseen circumstances that result from a neglected chimney. Allstar Chimney leak Auburn is ready to help you get scheduled for your annual inspection today so you can know that your chimney isn’t a threat to you and your home.

Breathe Clean Air

The presence of obstructions in your chimney can have severe detrimental effects on the air quality within your home. When smoke fails to exit through the chimney, it re-enters your living space, posing a significant risk to both your respiratory health and overall well-being. Furthermore, wildlife such as birds or squirrels can obstruct proper ventilation, creating hazardous conditions for both you and the animals themselves.

Additionally, the waste produced by these animals can carry respiratory diseases, further compromising the air quality in your home. The Allstar Chimney Leak Auburn Teams possess the necessary expertise and training to not only perform humane animal removal but also conduct thorough chimney cleaning. Engaging the services of a professional is undoubtedly the most effective—and often the only—solution to address any air quality issues arising from chimney-related concerns.

Sealants, Which Is The Best?

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As you glance at a house from the street, your attention is drawn to a chimney situated on one side. While it may not be the most prominent feature, it does catch your eye. Given that chimneys are constantly exposed to varying weather conditions, from scorching sun to freezing-thawing cycles, the likelihood of them developing cracks is relatively higher. In some cases, there may be existing gaps in the sealants, which can result in significant water damage, particularly to the house itself. Despite the inherent strength of bricks as construction materials, they tend to absorb a considerable amount of water. To effectively safeguard against moisture and water-related harm, it is advisable to seal any openings with a durable sealant.

Types of Sealants

Silicone Sealant:

  • Rapid curing time
  • Provides a delicate, smooth finish
  • Not highly suitable for high traffic areas
  • Prone to abrasions and may not hold up well
  • Ideal for use on materials such as metal, glass, and tile
  • Effective in all temperatures, including cold conditions
  • Lifespan of 20+ years

Polyurethane Sealant:

  • Requires over 24 hours to fully dry
  • Forms a hard, solid finish
  • Works well in high traffic areas
  • Resistant to abrasions
  • Best suited for use on wood surfaces
  • Challenging to apply in colder temperatures and weaker bond when cold
  • Long-term durability

When it comes to selecting the right sealant for the connecting edges between your chimney and home, it can be confusing to determine the best choice. However, you can rely on the expertise of the Allstar Chimney Sweep team. Our trained technicians are available to assist you and safeguard your home from further issues. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns you may have during the chimney sweep, inspection, and repair process.

Servicing your chimney does not have to be hard for you. Allstar Chimney leak Auburn is here to help you get rid of the stress of maintaining your fireplace and chimney.

You’ve finally found the right people to satisfy all your chimney and fireplace needs, contact us now!

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