After years of love and regular use, fireplaces and chimneys can become damaged, just like any other household appliance. The difference is damage in a fireplace or chimney is much more risky than other household appliances experiencing damage. This is due to the fact that these areas are home to fires and flammable items such as wood and fire starters. If your fireplace or chimney is not working properly for any reason, it needs to be repaired. In this blog post, we are going to discuss common reasons homeowners or commercial property owners will need a chimney repair.

Common Reasons to Get a Chimney Repair

Below, you will find some of the most common forms of damage seen with chimneys. If you don’t see the reason for your damaged chimney on this list, that does not mean you should repair it. The sooner you get your chimney repaired, the safer your home will be. If you are unsure if you are experiencing an issue with your fireplace or chimney, it is always best to contact a professional chimney repairman or chimney sweep. They will pinpoint the problem you are having and will help you repair the issue.

Chimney Flue Liner Damage

Chimney RepairOne very common reason for a chimney repair is a damaged flue liner. Typically made of tiles, the chimney flue liner can suffer from different forms of damage. One cause of damage is improper construction, as this can lead to break down much earlier than normal. If your flue was sized wrong by the construction team of your home or commercial building, it may expel creosote improperly, leading to buildup of flammable substances. When mixed with moisture like rain or humidity, creosote can accelerate the breakdown of your flue liner greatly. Another common cause is flue gases, which are corrosive and can speed up the deterioration of the liner. If you believe your flue liner is damaged, it is highly recommended you stop using your fireplace immediately and call an expert to inspect the flue as soon as possible.

Moisture Buildup

In Panama City, it is very humid because we are on the Gulf. This can cause a lot of moisture buildup inside of your chimney, even if it was properly constructed. Bricks absorb the moisture of humidity or rain very well because of the material they are made of. As temperatures change in the winter, moisture can cause spalling, which is when the surface of a brick becomes damaged. Because of the material they are made with, bricks absorb moisture. This problem is not only unattractive, but it also impairs the structural support of your chimney. With that being said, it is very important you get this issue resolved immediately if you can see your chimney’s bricks are chipping or cracking.

Chimney Crown Damage

Another water-related chimney issue is crown damage. The crown of your chimney protects the chimney from environmental factors such as rain, twigs, and critters. If the crown is damaged, these things can enter your chimney very easily. When water from heavy rains or humidity seep inside the chimney, it can cause a lot of problems. The liner can become damaged, or mold can start to grow. To see if your chimney crown is damaged, you will need to visit your roof. If you are inexperienced with climbing your roof or lack the necessary safety equipment, it is highly encouraged you call your local chimney sweep. This will prevent you from getting hurt when climbing your roof, as they are experienced and have valuable safety equipment.

Rust in Your Firebox

As you likely know, when metal is in contact with water for an extended period of time, it can become rusty. If your chimney is damaged in any way and water enters your firebox, it will rust. A rusty firebox should be avoided as it can damage the metal greatly. Rust is also not safe to have around the home, as it can lead to health issues. If there is any sign of rust in your firebox, the cause of the moisture needs to be pinpointed and repaired.

Who to Call For a Chimney Repair

We hope this blog post helped you get some insight into what could be happening with your chimney. If you believe your chimney is in need of a repair, please feel free to call All Star Chimney Sweeps. Our team helps customers in Panama City and the areas surrounding it get their chimney in perfect condition. We would be more than happy to diagnose any problem your chimney is having and help you fix it. To schedule an appointment with us or see what cities we operate in, please visit our website.