Chimney repair is an integral part of any complete home maintenance routine. If you have a fireplace chimney in your home, you need to take care of these so that you can get the best value and comfort from them in winter.

While this should be obvious, there are a lot of homeowners who put off chimney repair and maintenance until they are forced to address it by necessity. By then the damage may already be done and would probably have a large price tag.

To avoid this major hassle, you should look to hire chimney repair specialists and have them inspect your fireplace chimney well before winter. Here are the most common types of chimney repairs usually required.

Common Chimney Repairs and Why they Need to Be Done Immediately

Broken Capping

Your chimney cap does a lot more than just look pretty from a distance. It is, in fact, an integral part of your chimney and needs to be taken care of properly. A broken chimney cap can result in much more costly damage later if it is not addressed immediately. For example, if your chimney cap allows rainwater to enter the flue during heavy rains, then when winter comes calling, you may find your chimney heavily damaged. Naturally, this would need to be fixed and at quite a steep price. To avoid this unnecessary expenditure, you need to get chimney repair specialists who can buy and install the proper cap replacement for you.

Creosote Buildup

While chimney cap damage might be accidental, creosote buildup is something that is inevitable. If you burn wood at your fireplace, then you will have soot buildup in your chimney. Now, if you leave that soot unremoved, then it can cause a lot of problems later on. These include not only include things like the inefficient burning of wood but may also pose a risk to your family. Chimney fires are caused almost entirely by creosote left for some time. This is also one of the most common reasons why chimney repair is needed in homes before the beginning and at the end of the winter season.

Unsecured Masonry

Masonry is the most popular type of chimney construction and is often the reason why any property gets more market value. But over time, it can and will develop problems and if left unattended can become a major hassle. The simple arrangement of bricks and mortar will eventually start giving in under repeated exposure to heat, fumes and the harmful agents they contain. The best way to address any problems arising from this is to simply ask a professional to inspect your chimney before and after each winter.

Flue Cracking

The flue is the inside section of your chimney and it is also prone to a number of issues over time. Since it is the most exposed section of your flue, it is also one of the first things your chimney repair professional will inspect. A cracked flue is a sign that there might be even more damage beneath the surface and only a reliable and experienced chimney cleaning professional can tell you the details. So, if you have a chimney at home, having your flue inspected is an essential part of the maintenance process.


Creosote is a common reason for blockages in chimneys. However, they can also arise from other reasons like animals making their nests in your flue or debris like leaves from the autumn season. To have a well-functioning chimney and to avoid any chances of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is imperative to have a chimney repair professional service your chimney. They will clear the blockage using the right tools for the job and will enable you to enjoy the best bits of having a bright, warm fireplace in your home during the winter season.

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