Come winter we all want to cuddle up in the quiet and cozy corner of our living room whiling away our time with our dear ones, relaxing before the roaring flames of the fireplace. But as we all know, fireplaces and fireplace screens are an unavoidable part of our grand living rooms. They not only build up the aesthetic quotient of our rooms but are also an energy efficient alternative to our centralized heating devices.

Just as we keep ourselves contented in the bold blaze of the fireplace, we also make sure to spur up its beauty as the main attraction of the living room with an important accessory known as the fire screen. You can find a range of designs, sizes and materials in fireplace screens available in the market to match your interiors and your budget. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, contemporary, classic, rustic or sleek design, we can help you get the fireplace screen that’s just right for you.

It’s hard to choose fireplace screens given such a wide variety to choose from. There are categories based on their design as well as their functions. For instance, if your kids’ safety is your top priority then the guard fireplace screens would be perfect for you. In this article, we will see that the screens not only accentuate your living room but they also cater to all your practical needs.  But how should you select which fireplace screen suits your home the best?

What to Consider While Choosing Fireplace Screens?

Well, here are few features to ponder upon on how to choose your perfect fire screen to turn your home into a warm, beautiful and safe haven for friends and families.


Metal fireplace screens allow more heat to generate and at the same time it protects from sparks, but it may get overheated and may hurt you. A glass screen on other hand gives extra protection against sparks and does not get overheated.


You can find many eclectic designs for fire screens such as a folded curved, single panel, ornate Victorian or art deco style fire screens depending upon your taste.


Functionality is the key for some owners. So, if you want to adjust your fireplace screen more often, then do choose a fireplace screen with handles for safety and convenience.


You definitely need to consider one of the most important factors of fireplace screens, namely the size. While sizing up your fire screen add 10 to 12 inches to width and 3 to 5 inches to height to accommodate for adjustments. Normally, single panel fireplace screens are easier to adjust due to their simple, sleek design compared to curved multi-panelled ones.

Picking the Right Fireplace Screen for You

Whatever you decide, a fireplace screen is an essential part of your fireplace and should be chosen carefully to fit the function you’re looking for and for the style you like. Fill out the form below to learn more about how we can help you keep your fireplace safe and clean.