As a homeowner with a fireplace, your chimney might look great on the outside but on the inside, it could be screaming for attention and to be cleaned and repaired. How can you tell if your chimney needs to be inspected, repaired, or cleaned?

We perform chimney inspections and our chimney sweeps are highly professional. The inspections are carried out using video camera scans of the flue’s liners. Be assured of a thorough chimney checkup to scan for repairs so that you can light your fireplace safely and with peace of mind.

Why You Need a Professional Chimney Sweep Company

The inside of your chimney known as the liner which carries smoke, fumes, and heat out of the room might suffer deterioration. This can be caused by excessive heat over time or if the liner comes into contact with water if your chimney does not have a cap.

A flue that has a crack makes your home vulnerable to embers flying to materials that can easily catch fire or even toxic fumes. A professional chimney sweep company is able to detect such anomalies.

If you have a masonry fireplace, the bricks might need repairs just to keep them strong and going. Of course, given years of withstanding heat and different weather patterns, the bricks are bound to crack and or deteriorate. A chimney sweep company is able to check if the damper functions well by opening and closing with ease. Through the inspection, you will be informed of any recommendations and repair needs.

Creosote which is a thick tar-like residue that forms from burning solid fuels or wood can cause a chimney fire if not scrubbed off. That is why inspection done by a chimney sweep company is important to check creosote buildup and to remove it.

Inspections by a Chimney Sweep Company

Animals like squirrels, opossums, bats, raccoons, birds, snakes, and also birds like chimney swifts, are known to create abodes inside chimneys.

Inspections to Check Animals

  • Animals such as squirrels often dash down chimneys when bad weather like a storm is approaching. However, even after the storm is gone, they cannot easily leave the chimney because they might have gotten stuck. We advise hiring a professional chimney sweep company to ensure that these animals get out safely.
  • Snakes crawl into your chimney for the sole purpose of hunting. They know they can get baby birds, eggs, or bay animals in the chimneys.
  • As for raccoons, the burnt smell of a chimney resonates with their natural surrounding made of a burnt hollow tree. These can be hard to get rid of on your own, a chimney sweep company knows what to do and can do it easily. Parenting raccoons prefer masonry chimney to nurse their babies until they have grown old enough to venture out on their own. However, the male scurries down chimneys to wage war and possibly kill the young raccoons that they view as threats. While most animals find it difficult to climb out of a chimney, raccoons, on the other hand, find it a not so challenging task.
  • Birds such as the chimney swift build nests inside chimneys and they too can fly out of a chimney. They are protected under migratory bird laws and you are advised to only have them removed by a professional. We advise you to call your local professional chimney sweep company like ours.

What To Do When There Are Animals Inside Your Chimney

When there are animals inside your chimney have it rescued preferably by a professional from a Chimney Sweep Company. These animals can get stuck and die which is why inspection by a chimney Sweep company is pertinent. Left to die, they pose even worse hazards like health risks.

Be sure to go for a reputable professional who will extract the animal decently and also one who fathoms how to deal with health scares that come with having particular animals in your chimney. For example, bat droppings carry a fungus if inhaled can cause histoplasmosis – a respiratory disease which can be fatal, which is why it’s crucial you call a professional chimney sweep company.

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