To the uninformed, a fireplace chimney cleaning may not sound very difficult or important. For most areas of your home, cleaning is something you can do yourself and is not necessarily essential for some. However, this is not true for your chimney or venting systems. Fireplaces and chimneys are much more complicated than they seem, and so is cleaning them.

Always Use a Professional for a Fireplace Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaned by a proessionalWhen you’re enjoying a warm fire, it’s easy to forget how dangerous your fireplace can become in your home. Nevertheless, a lot of work goes into making that fire safe. Your fireplace has to withstand extremely high temperatures and has a very important task: letting the smoke go out through the chimney. So you can enjoy a fire without smoke ruining your experience or damaging your furniture and home. The gasses in the smoke include things like carbon monoxide, which can be poisonous.

When a chimney is dirty, it’s unable to work correctly. The buildup of substances on your chimney walls blocks its airflow, which makes it difficult for the smoke from your fire to leave your home. This means that when you build a fire with a dirty chimney, smoke and carbon monoxide can linger in your home. This can put your home and household in danger. Furthermore, some of the substances that build up, like creosote, are extremely flammable. A fire that starts in your fireplace can damage your chimney and can also spread throughout your home.

There is no way to prevent substances from building up on your chimney walls when you use your fireplace. This makes it extremely important to have your chimney cleaned regularly. So you can to get rid of the buildup before they block your chimney’s airflow or catch fire.

Chimney systems are dark and difficult to reach. They also have many intricate parts that are easily damaged. That’s why it’s essential that you have a professional clean your chimney. Not only can you damage your chimney if you attempt to clean it yourself, but you most likely won’t be able to clean it thoroughly. After you do your own DIY cleaning, you may go on to use your fireplace thinking it is completely safe, when in reality you probably missed some of the toughest and dangerous creosote. Always use a professional for a fireplace chimney cleaning, so you know for a fact your entire chimney is clean and your fireplace is safe to use.

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