Chimney Sweep Pascagoula, Mississippi

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Chimney Sweep Pascagoula

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Chimney Sweep Pascagoula

At Allstar Chimney Sweep Pascagoula, MS, we understand the importance of maintaining your chimney and fireplace. Chimneys are a nice commodity that most people take for granted. Without proper inspections and cleans, your chimney poses a major threat to your home and family. Allstar we do what needs to be done in order to protect our customers no matter how big or small. By following CSIA safety guidelines and through our decades of experience we can solve any issues your chimney system might have. Through proper inspection, repair, and cleaning we are sure to exceed your expectations.

We Are Professionals

An uncleaned chimney that has not been swept can build up flammable materials. We offer all levels of inspection and use specialized equipment to do so. We utilize the latest technology available to provide you with the best service. It is very important that a professional, like one of our trusted employees, facilitates a proper cleaning or inspection. Without the necessary tools or knowledge, cleaning a chimney can be very dangerous. We know what to look for, with over 30 years of experience, we are able to solve any chimney issues. Trying to clean a chimney yourself is not only extremely tedious, but it’s also dangerous. Let your local chimney sweeps in Pascagoula use high-grade equipment to remove hazards properly, quickly, and safely.

  • Annual Chimney Inspections are the best way to keep your home safe, and the CSIA recommends you have one yearly. These inspections will check to see if your system is over the threshold of an unsafe amount of sooty buildup as well as check that there are no ventilation issues. At Allstar Chimney Sweep Pascagoula, we can fix dangers to your home the same day we find them so you can immediately rest easy.

  Insured & Licensed

  • Allstar Chimney Sweep Pascagoula Teams have experience and training for humane animal removal and for all degrees of chimney cleaning. Certainly, hiring a professional is the best (and possibly only) way to solve an air quality issue that the chimney causes.
  • Allstar technicians and employees undergo drug screening and background checks
  • Technicians are certified with licenses to work and fully-insured.

How can water damage affect your chimney?

Bricks can absorb water especially when the mortar is damaged in any way. During the winter when water is absorbed by the bricks it will freeze which expands any cracks, later destroying bricks in a process called spalling. Even if your bricks aren’t noticeably damaged it’s likely they will be weakened causing them to no longer provide sufficient support which weakens the structural integrity of your chimney. To prevent this, scheduled our team to do an inspection.

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

Many things are a contributing factor when looking at the cause of leaks, inside chimneys there are many things that can go wrong and if any of them are done wrong by nonprofessionals it will result in escalating issues until the problem is fixed properly.

Chimney Cap – A damaged Chimney Cap or a non-existent cap will allow water to flow in from the roof.
Crown – If the crown is broken water will leak into the flue lining
Chimney Bricks – Can degrade especially in colder areas and in the winter with water freezing and expanding which can crack and weaken bricks.
Flashing – Typically if installed improperly the seal in between the chimney and roof will break/deteriorate letting water in.

Professional Service Chimney Sweep Pascagoula | Allstar | 228-435-9300

Allstar Chimney Sweeps is ready to service all your chimney and fireplace needs. For a complete list of our services, take a look at the services menu at the top of your screen. For any questions you have, get in touch with us by calling 228-435-9300 or visit our contact page! We’re looking forward to helping in any way we can and becoming your favorite local chimney sweep in Pascagoula, MS.

The Allstar Team strives to provide industry-leading services. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with our customers because we want to have the privilege of being your go-to chimney sweep. We accomplish this by doing what it takes to exceed your expectations and by providing the best service offered by any chimney sweep in Pascagoula. We understand that you want to know what’s going on, and we’ll make sure you’re always kept updated. Let us solve all your chimney problems.

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