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We are quality trained to remove all critters, dead or alive safely from your chimney or fireplace.

Jackson Chimney Sweeps and Inspections

At Allstar Chimney Sweep Jackson, we understand how important it is to maintain a chimney and fireplace. Without experience or knowledge in chimney sweeps, cleaning your chimney can be a very dangerous job. Special tools and equipment are necessary to complete the job, which is why our licensed professionals at Allstar Chimney Sweep are ready to serve the local chimneys of Jackson.

Keeping You Covered

We are confident that your fireplace system is safe with our technicians, and we want you to feel the same. This is why all our technicians are licensed and certified to work by the CSIA, and guidelines are followed. We also ensure our technicians, to cover any additional costs on our end. We offer all levels of inspection and many other services, but we only sell you what you need. Direct and fair pricing is part of our reputation at Allstar Chimney Sweeps, we will never sell you a service that is unnecessary.

Protect Your Home

There are a lot of issues that you may encounter when you own a chimney. The good news is most of all the problems you could have with a chimney can be easily prevented with an annual inspection! An inspection allows us to get a look inside your chimney with our equipment. An inspection can identify any issue from replacing masonry, a simple water leak, or even a flock of birds that have nested in your chimney for shelter. All of these issues are more common than you think, and our professional technicians are experienced and trained to solve any problem you may have. Whether it be an animal removal or the chimney just needs to get swept, Allstar Chimney Sweeps is here to help. Protecting your home and keeping you safe is our top priority. Properly assessing your chimney and cleaning it properly is part of our mission.

Breathe Clean Air

  • Blockages in your chimney will have serious negative effects on the quality of your air. Smoke is hard on the lungs, and if it’s not all going out the chimney, it’s coming back into your home and your body. Wildlife such as birds or squirrels run the risk of blocking proper ventilation, creating hazards for both your health and theirs. The waste of these animals can also carry respiratory diseases. Allstar Chimney Sweep Jackson Teams have experience and training for humane animal removal and for all degrees of chimney cleaning. Certainly, hiring a professional is the best (and possibly only) way to solve an air quality issue that the chimney causes.

How to Spot Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common issues we find when performing a chimney inspection. Heavy rainfall, severe storms, and hurricanes contribute to moisture in the masonry. Bricks are porous, and the chimney is located on the top of the roof, so chimneys are very susceptible to water leaks. Water can seep into the chimney and cause cracks in the masonry. Prolonged exposure can form mold or mildew within the flue, putting these harmful molecules back into your home. Rust is also an issue that occurs with water leakage and will reduce the integrity of the structure of the chimney. Do you smell a mildew-like odor from your chimney? Do you hear water droplets within your chimney? Give us a call to schedule your inspection to solve this for you as soon as possible, before it gets any worse.

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Allstar Chimney Sweeps is ready to service all your chimney and fireplace needs. For a complete list of our services, take a look at the Services menu at the top of your screen. For any questions you have, get in touch with us by calling 888-807-9786 or visit our contact page! We’re looking forward to helping in any way we can and becoming your personal chimney sweep Jackson.

The Allstar Team strives to provide industry-leading precision. Our mission is to build a relationship with the people we serve because we want to have the privilege of being your chimney sweep. So we’ll accomplish this by doing what it takes to exceed your expectations and by providing the best service offered by any chimney sweep in Jackson. We understand that you want to know what’s going on, and we’ll make sure you’re always kept updated. Let us solve all your chimney problems.

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