Most sources recommended having your chimney inspected annually. However, in some circumstances, frequent inspections may be necessary. Knowing what is happening in a chimney system is rarely as important as it is when buying/selling a home. Furthermore, when damage occurs to your chimney, having professionals work with you to discover the cause can help you file a claim, so you’re not left to pay thousands of dollars of repairs without any help.

Real Estate Inspections

When purchasing a home, it’s important to know exactly what is being bought. When buying a home, finding damage at a later time drastically increases the total investment. Planning to sell a home presents the same challenge of finding this damage and fixing it. Doing all the work to sell a house just to find the damage is waste of time and resources. It potentially pushes away customers as well as harms a seller’s reputation.

Cooperation between buyer and seller is crucial when assessing chimney damage. Scheduling an appointment with AllStar will effectively solve the issue and ensure fantastic service. The AllStar team has an eye for detail that other companies cannot hope to compete with. AllStar Chimney Sweep professionals have honed their skills and an eye for their craft like no other. 

Insurance Inspections

Some individuals are unfortunate enough to have chimney fires or other devastating chimney damage. Filing an insurance claim helps cover the cost, but taking the right steps is crucial to maximizing your experience and payout. Having a professional chimney inspection is one of the most important steps.

What Will Insurance Cover?

Most insurance types are very case-specific. Homeowners’ insurance generally covers the cost of accidental damage or catastrophe. Insurance does not cover standard wear and tear. For example, most chimneys withstand weather so insurance does not cover rain damage. However, a tree falling into the chimney is accidental and covered. Insurance will not cover any human-related accidents or intentional sabotage. Because insurance is so case-sensitive, speak to an AllStar Chimney Sweep professional to find out what works best for each case.

Work with Us!

AllStar Chimney Sweeps is located in over 150 cities nationwide. If there is a suspicion of chimney damage or the need for a professional eye, AllStar can help. Because of the vast number of AllStar locations, there is a network of chimney sweeps with an unrivaled experience. Whatever the situation, we can inspect your home and give professional advice on the steps needed to take for help.  Call us now at 888-807-9786 or make an appointment here on our online form.