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Allstar Chimney Sweeps in Monroeville is fully equipped to cater to all your chimney and fireplace requirements. To explore a comprehensive list of our services, simply browse through the “Services” menu located at the top of your screen. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (251) 316-6600 or visit our contact page. We’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to assist you in any capacity and become your trusted chimney sweep in Monroeville.

The Allstar Team is dedicated to providing precision that sets industry standards. Our mission revolves around building connections with the people we serve, as being recognized as your preferred chimney sweep is an honor we value. We’ll achieve this by going above and beyond to exceed your expectations and by offering the best service provided by any chimney sweep in Monroeville. We understand your desire for transparency, and we promise to keep you consistently informed about any updates. Let us effectively address and resolve all your chimney-related concerns.


Professional Chimney Services

Providing quality service for over 30 years

Chimney Sweeping

Our chimney technicians are experts when it comes to cleaning your chimney. We remove hazards such as soot and creosote, ensuring your fireplace is clean and ready to burn.

Chimney and Fireplace Inspections

At Allstar, chimney safety is a priority. We perform comprehensive inspections so you can enjoy your fireplace system with peace of mind. 

Masonry Repair

Damaged masonry is an eyesore, but it is also dangerous. Our chimney technicians are skilled in repairing masonry chimneys and ensuring your chimney system is safe to use.

Waterproofing Service

Water can do major damage to your chimney. We use top quality industry products to protect your chimney from mold, rust, and masonry damage.

Fireplace Installations

Is your home missing that warm, cozy fireplace you’ve been dreaming of? Allstar can make your fireplace wishes come true with expert design and installation.

Chimney Animal Removal

Raccoons, bats, birds and other animals sometimes make their homes in chimneys. We safely and humanely remove unwanted guests from your chimney.

The Toolset You Don’t Play With

Find a Chimney Cleaner

As a young kid and you’re over at your grandparents house playing in the den. Well, in the den, there is a fireplace. Right beside the fireplace was a set of tools that looked interesting and cool to play with. Below are descriptions of each tool in the set. Reminder, each set does not include all six pieces; some have less while others have seven or more.

Tools & Purpose


Resembling a flat shovel in its appearance, this tool is commonly linked to digging tasks, primarily designed for lifting ashes, hot coals, and burning embers. By redistributing the ashes, it contributes to a more efficient burn and consequently reduces the production of smoke. Typically utilized to tidy up cooled ashes and coals, it involves scooping them into the ash dump door.


Comparable to their culinary counterparts, but significantly larger in size, these tools serve a similar purpose. Designed on a larger scale, they’re capable of grasping logs, chunks of wood, and fragmenting burned wood to enhance oxygen flow. This increased oxygen supply leads to heightened flames and reduced smoke production.

Fireplace Broom

A diminutive or small-sized broom specially designed for sweeping out ashes from the fireplace after a fire has been put out. This tool is essential to possess as every fire generates ash, and it conveniently fits within the fireplace to facilitate cleaning.


While not as widely recognized as some other tools, this device serves the purpose of delivering a controlled burst of oxygen into the fire, effectively intensifying the flames. Equipped with a valve at its end, this tool directs a focused stream of air. Its primary function is to aid in igniting the fire by amplifying both the size of the flames and the generated heat. Typically employed to ignite the kindling.

Fireplace Poker

Resembling a Philips screwdriver, this elongated metal rod features a pointed end and serves as an extended tool. Its purpose is to manipulate wood within the fire.


A rarer tool and known as a ‘log-dog’. It is a horizontal bar that is used to hold/support logs that are fed to the flames. It allows more air to pass through, producing a cleaner burn.

Testimonials & Accreditors

"I had a racoon in my chimney, the good people at sootmaster were able to safely and humanly relocate it. 🙏 I highly recommend for all my future chimney needs."

Rebecca Howard

"I had a rain cap added to my mother’s house. The technician was on time, courteous and very helpful. It’s something we should have had done long ago with all of the rain we get here."

Michael Curry

"Blew my repair out of the water! They hit every detail and had a great attitude while working. I love seeing a company that is passionate about the work they do and this company is!"

Donovan Carter

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