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Allstar Chimney Sweeps is fully equipped to cater to all your chimney and fireplace requirements. To explore a comprehensive list of our services, please refer to the “Services” menu located at the top of your screen. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 904-685-8100 or visit our dedicated contact page. We are enthusiastic about assisting you in every possible way and to establish ourselves as your trusted chimney sweep in Jacksonville Beach.

The Allstar Team is committed to delivering industry-leading precision. Our mission revolves around building meaningful connections with the individuals we serve, as we consider it an honor to be recognized as your preferred chimney sweep. We will achieve this by consistently exceeding your expectations and providing the finest service available among all chimney sweeps in Jacksonville Beach. We acknowledge your desire for transparency and pledge to keep you well-informed on all matters. Allow us to proficiently address all your chimney-related concerns.

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Professional Chimney Services

Providing quality service for over 30 years

Chimney Sweeping

Our chimney technicians are experts when it comes to cleaning your chimney. We remove hazards such as soot and creosote, ensuring your fireplace is clean and ready to burn.

Chimney and Fireplace Inspections

At Allstar Chimney Sweep Jacksonville Beach, chimney safety is a priority. We perform comprehensive inspections so you can enjoy your fireplace system with peace of mind. 

Masonry Repair

Damaged masonry is an eyesore, but it is also dangerous. Our chimney technicians are skilled in repairing masonry chimneys and ensuring your chimney system is safe to use.

Waterproofing Service

Water can do major damage to your chimney. We use top quality industry products to protect your chimney from mold, rust, and masonry damage.

Fireplace Installations

Is your home missing that warm, cozy fireplace you’ve been dreaming of? Allstar can make your fireplace wishes come true with expert design and installation.

Chimney Animal Removal

Raccoons, bats, birds and other animals sometimes make their homes in chimneys. We safely and humanely remove unwanted guests from your chimney.

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What To Do In Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is packed full of fun things to do, and cool places to go. So if you’re new to the area, or just looking for fun ideas in the Jacksonville Beach area, check out the cool locations below.

Jacksonville Beach

“Found along northeast Florida’s “First Coast,” Jacksonville Beach offers vast stretches of gorgeous beach, a newly redesigned golf course, a famous fishing pier and boatloads of water activities. Beach volleyball, surfing, fishing and a wide variety of eateries – Jacksonville Beach has it all. Visitors and natives alike are delighted by dolphins rolling just outside the surf line. Surfers are drawn to Jacksonville Beach by some of the best waves in the region. Devoting some time to Jacksonville Beach and its surrounding attractions unearths a unique combination of history, leisure and recreational activities.”

Beaches Museum and History Park

“Our diverse range of experiences offered — events, exhibits, archives, and more —give life to the vibrant history and culture of the area. With each visit to the Beaches Museum, explore the past, present, and future of Jacksonville’s beach communities, as well as what makes each community unique and what binds us together.”

Cradle Creek Preserve

“Cradle Creek Preserve consists of 36 acres, purchased on August 9, 2001 by the City of Jacksonville Beach and the City of Jacksonville. The City of Jacksonville Beach holds title to the property. This site was purchased with the help of a Florida Communities Trust (FCT) grant. The site contains a canoe/kayak landing, a raised observation platform, informational kiosks, nature trails and boardwalks.”


Testimonials & Accreditors

"I had a racoon in my chimney, the good people at sootmaster were able to safely and humanly relocate it. 🙏 I highly recommend for all my future chimney needs."

Rebecca Howard

"I had a rain cap added to my mother’s house. The technician was on time, courteous and very helpful. It’s something we should have had done long ago with all of the rain we get here."

Michael Curry

"Blew my repair out of the water! They hit every detail and had a great attitude while working. I love seeing a company that is passionate about the work they do and this company is!"

Donovan Carter

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