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Maintenance Is Quick, Easy & Painless When You Hire All Stars’s  Chimney & Fireplace Service Experts.

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All of our chimney experts are trained in the latest tips and skills to do an amazing job on your new install.

Animal Removal & Repairs

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We are quality trained to remove all critters, dead or alive safely from your chimney or fireplace.

The Standard We Set

Welcome to Allstar Chimney Services of Dothan, where your satisfaction is our priority. We have taken the last 19 years and built up a reputation of excellence with everyone we have met. At Allstar, we hold the quality of our work to the highest possible standard. With this standard, we only ever employ the best technicians, and we only provide the best training, resources, and equipment for the job. We use the absolute best materials for every repair and have done so since the company was founded. For this reason, we have warranties for up to 15 years on all our professional chimney repair services. To find out more about a warranty or to have a warranty service done, please call us at (334)-223-4477. Chimney and fireplace repair can be gritty and tough, but our techs know how to make it enjoyable, and leave your home clean in the process. To make sure we keep you in the loop, we provide a before and after report for each job. In this report, we provide a detailed list of what chimney issues you may have and what solution works best for you. We have the best response time of anyone else because of the benefit of being local. In most cases, we can get out to you within the week, if not faster.

Most Common Repairs and Services

Animal Removal 

Wild animals, such as bats, birds, raccoons, and even squirrels often hide in chimneys o escape the elements. Animals cause many issues and health risks, such as chimney blockage, high risk of a chimney fire, and bad smells. Our technicians are trained in removing animals quickly, safely, and most importantly, humanely. At Allstar, we are all animal lovers and have zero tolerance for cruelty to any animal.

Chimney Swift Removal 

Chimney swifts are a migratory bird that normally starts nesting in Spring. Chimney swifts cling to vertical surfaces, so a chimney is the ideal home for protection from the elements.  Swifts are federally protected, so must handle each removal on a case-by-case basis. The best way to keep animals out is to install a chimney cap, chase cover, or a lock-top damper. This protects your chimney from animals, rain, and other debris. Give us a call to find out what your best solution is and read about chimney swifts in this CSIA article (Chimney Sweeping Institute of America)!

Water Leak Repair and Prevention

In our line of work, water leaks happen all the time. If a water leak goes unnoticed, there can be massive damage and risk to the home. A major chimney water leak often causes smoke issues in a masonry fireplace. These issues appear as the bricks get soaked with water. From there, the bricks cool down the air inside the chimney flue as it rises. As the higher air in the chimney cools, it pushes the warmer air back down and pushes smoke out of the firebox. An annual chimney inspection and sweep makes sure you catch any issues before they show up. We offer professional mortar tuckpointing, FlashSeal leak protection, and more. As we mentioned earlier, a chimney cap, chase cover, or lock top damper is the best way to keep water out, as well as various animals. We do not require immediate payment on a water leak repair. Instead, we encourage that you wait until the next storm hits or as long as it takes to feel comfortable, within reason. We take this extra step to make sure that you see the quality of our work and to show we have our reputation for a reason.

Top-Notch Masonry Repairs

Allstar Chimney Repair of Dothan offers several types of masonry repair services. We do chimney flue repair, flue relining, mortar tuckpointing, and more. We use flue liners conforming to ASTM C-315 Vitrified clay flue liner standards.

Fireplace repairs

Our professional fireplace repairs and chimney sweeps are done by the most qualified and knowledgeable people for the job. Allstar offers the best firebox and refractory panel repair and replacement, as well as more. We use firebricks that follow ASTM C-27 or ASTM C-1261 standards, and medium-duty refractory mortar following ASTM C-199 standards. We make confirm your fireplace is up to code and alert you of any errors because your safety is most important to us.

Fireplace Installations

Allstar Chimney Sweeps of Dothan offers top-quality fireplace installation. We can install fireplace inserts, wood-burning stoves, gas stoves, ash dump doors, cleanout doors, and many other things. Custom-Built chimneys are one of our specialties, and we will build it up to code. We recommend our 21-point inspection to ensure that your chimney is safe for use and confirm that it meets the minimum requirements to be used.

Why Choose Us?

As we have mentioned before, you are the number one priority here at Allstar of Dothan. We do our best to treat you right because your experience is what matters to us. To make sure we don’t become the cause of any headaches, we do our best to give you fair pricing for the quality of our work. Call us at 334-223-4477 to see what we can do for you!