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Maintenance Is Quick, Easy & Painless When You Hire All Stars’s  Chimney & Fireplace Service Experts.

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All of our chimney experts are trained in the latest tips and skills to do an amazing job on your new install.

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We are quality trained to remove all critters, dead or alive safely from your chimney or fireplace.


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Providing industry leading service is our top priority as chimney sweep Bay City and fireplace professionals. Furthermore, building loyalty and trust with those we serve is our main goal. That’s why our first class teams are considerate and careful, making sure to protect your property and belongings. We want to accommodate you, and we’ll make sure to be in communication with you about any last minute schedule changes. Our teams include the sharpest individuals who exemplify what it means to be a true chimney sweep and fireplace professional.

With AllStar You Get !!!

All Star The Expert Chimney Sweep,

Chimney Repair, Water Leak, Masonry,

Odor Removal & Fireplace Cleaning.

  • Masonry Repairs to your Chimney
  • Many Chimney Caps & Products to Choose from
  • Home Chimney & Fireplace Inspections
  • Water Leak Repair by Chimney Specialist and Warranty
  • Professionals Trained to remove Animals from your Chimney & Fireplace

Chimney Sweep Bay City

At Allstar we know the importance of chimney and fireplace maintenance. Because it’s a high risk area of your home, and not maintaining it can result in dangerous fires that destroy things we care about, our professional chimney sweeps keep that risk at a minimum by keeping it properly maintained for your safety. You want to enjoy your fireplace without the concern for your property and loved ones’ safety.

What is a Chimney Sweep?

Chimney Sweep Bay City works to provide safety and comfort for homes with heating systems requiring chimneys. Historically, chimney companies compelled young boys (unethically) to climb up and down chimneys to clean them. Thankfully, societies banned these practices in the early part of the last century while technology has taken their place. However, even though it has been common knowledge that chimneys are a dangerous thing to neglect, and some countries even have mandatory chimney cleaning policies, many people forget the importance of having their chimney and fireplace professionally maintained. Hence, Allstar Chimney Sweep Bay City is here to ensure that you’ve got a clean, safe chimney.

Why Hire a Professional?

  • Protecting Your Property

    • Hiring a certified local chimney sweep Bay City has several benefits. First – and most important – is the safety we can provide. We’d say this is the primary reason that people call us – they know the risk involved in not keeping up with their chimney maintenance, and we’re the sure-fire way to be confident that your fireplace system is completely safe. We clean out dangerous, flammable buildup that could make a chimney catch fire, which would likely destroy your house.
    • Annual Chimney Inspections are the best way to keep your home safe, and the CSIA recommends you have one. These inspections will check to see if your system is over the threshold of an unsafe amount of flammable buildup as well as check that no ventilation issues are present. We can fix dangers to your home the same day we find them so that you can immediately rest easy.
    • Trying to do a chimney cleaning yourself is not only extremely tedious, but it’s also dangerous; so let your local chimney sweep use our high-grade equipment to remove hazards properly, quickly, and safely.
  • Breathe Clean Air

    • Blockages in your chimney will have serious negative effects on the quality of your air. Smoke is very hard on human lungs, and if it’s not all going out the chimney, it’s coming back into your home and into your body. Wildlife such as birds in your chimney or squirrels run the risk of blocking proper ventilation, creating hazards for both your health and theirs. Allstar Chimney Sweep Bay City Teams have experience and training for humane animal removal and for all degrees of chimney cleaning. Certainly, hiring a professional is the best (and possibly only) way to solve an air quality issue your chimney causes.

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Allstar Chimney Sweeps is ready to service all your chimney and fireplace needs. For a complete list of our services, take a look at the Services menu at the top of your screen. For any questions you have, get in touch with us by calling 888-807-9786 or visit our contact page! We’re looking forward to helping in any way we can and becoming your personal chimney sweep Bay City.

The Allstar Team strives to provide industry-leading precision. Our mission is to build a relationship with the people we serve because we want to have the privilege of being your chimney sweep. So we’ll accomplish this by doing what it takes to exceed your expectations and by providing the best service offered by any chimney sweep Bay City. We understand that you want to know whats going on, and we’ll make sure you’re always kept in the loop about the situation.

All Star Chimney

Time To Get Your Chimney or Fireplace Repaired or Upgraded

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Looking for mess-free, stress-free chimney and fireplace sweeping services? Call on AllStar! We’re committed to being your go-to chimney and venting care company.

Professional Creosote Removal

Creosote is not something that you want in your chimney, but it’s likely something you have in your chimney right now. Let our experts get it out for you!

Chimney Cap Installation

Why opt for a copper cap or pot? Great question! Well, for one, copper is a strong and durable metal that can stand up to rain after rain.

Ash Dump Door Installation

This door eliminates any possibility of an ash cleanup accident while giving easy access for removal of ash after a fire.

Expert Smoke Chamber Repair

Smoke chamber repair is one of the most over looked areas in a chimney because no one knows about them, they are ignored because they’re too hard to work on.

Smoke Stain & Odor Removal

We use an Odorless smoke stain removal product. It can remove smoke stains in hours. After applying it, you’ll have a fresh, aesthetic fireplace.


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