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What We Do

Chimneys are often the most taken-for-granted area of a home, but they need regular cleanings and maintenance to do their job. The Chimney Sweep Gulfport team is here to help you keep your chimney well maintained. We’ll repair any damage and ensure your chimney system is in proper order.

Chimneys serve an important function in almost all American households. Although you may not realize it, they connect to many heating systems, not just fireplaces. In fact most types of  important heating appliances, like furnaces or boilers, are connected to a chimney or venting system. Even clothes dryers, which reside is almost every household, connect to a venting system. Chimney sweeps specialize in keeping this aspect of your home in perfect working condition.

Why We Do It

Keeping your venting systems clean and in good condition ensures they are efficient and safe. With our help, its a breeze to take care of your chimney.

We understand that your home and chimney are unique. We want to build a lasting relationship with you, so that with each appointment, we learn more and more about your specific needs and the best way to take care of your chimney.


Our technicians are part of an All Star Chimney Sweep network that spans much of the Gulf Coast. So we have a chimney experience and education rivaled by no other. Contact us for unparalleled chimney sweep gulfport and customer service. Call us at 888-807-9786 or fill out the form on our home page to get a call back from us!

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