Look, we get it.

You’re planning your summer vacation, working long hours to make that vacation a reality, and you’re even working on some home improvement projects (looking at you Dad). The last thing that is on your mind is having your chimney serviced.

It’s summer. It’s hot. The cold months are far away, especially for the south. So why is summer the best time to have your chimney swept?

1. You catch major problems early
One of the biggest things we hear in the chimney industry is ‘Man, I wish I would’ve known sooner.’ Summer is the perfect opportunity to have your chimney swept because it allows you to find major problems before winter hits and you need your chimney working properly.

2. Water Leaks Happen Mostly During the Summer.
Major storms occur during the summer, and this can cause severe water damage to your chimney. We don’t feel the need to belabor water damage, because we have an article on it.

3. Better Availability
As winter nears, chimney sweeps become booked as people try to save money by using their chimney’s. Chimney sweeps work year-round, therefore the availability opens up. Essentially, you have a better chance of getting booked when you book during the summer. Let us also make it clear that it’s not impossible to be booked during the winter.

4. Certain Jobs Are Easier To Do:
When it comes to certain chimney types, especially with masonry chimneys, having things warm is an essential component. This could help certain repairs go faster and make them easier.

Overall, having your chimney swept during the summer is quick, easy, and leads to less stress as you plan towards the future.