Needing a chimney inspectionChimney cleaning is a ritual that must be performed once or twice a year. Depending on your specific needs and convenience, you should pick a time for well before the winter to get this done. Now, if you do not know much about how a chimney clean out is performed, things can get messy. So, it is better to trust reliable companies like All Star Chimney Sweep that specializes in this service to give your chimney a perfect clean out.

Even once you have chosen a reputable and reliable company, you should keep a close eye on the process itself. Actions speak louder than words and their working process will tell you if you can trust them in the long run. To see if they are performing their tasks as well as they should, here are some things about a chimney clean out that you should know.

The Key Steps of a Chimney Clean Out Process

The Inspection

Inspection is the first thing that the professionals will do with your chimney. They will get onto your roof and give it a good inspection. The purpose of this is to figure out just how much soot there is. This will help further define the actual requirements of the chimney clean out.

During the inspection, the experts may also be able to spot any breaches or cracks in your chimney flue. If there are any such problems, they can tell you about these and potentially even address them when they are doing the cleaning.

Once the inspection is done, they will give you an estimate of the costs based on the tools and the effort required. They might also be able to suggest ways you can lower the cost if the price exceeds your budget. Once you approve, they will decide on a date for getting to the actual chimney clean out.

The Preparation

The preparation for a chimney clean out is probably the most important part of the process. Without the proper prep, your chimney cleaning will spiral into a massive undertaking and may even require days of labor. That is why it is highly recommended that only experts with ample experience should handle the task.

If you have hired the right professionals, then they will ensure a number of things before they get to the actual cleaning. First, they will secure your fireplace by sealing it off. This will prevent the soot from entering your living room.

Next, they will get their tools in order and explain how they will clean your chimney. Usually, pros go top-down to minimize the mess and get all the soot out easily. In some cases, they might go bottom-up as well or even do a tug-style cleaning. You should learn about the process.

Finally, they will put on the safety gear. If you plan on going through the process with them, you should get a pair for yourself as well.

The Cleaning

The actual cleaning the professionals will do depends on your specific needs. As stated earlier, the top-down approach is the most popular approach. In that case, your chimney will be cleaned out first, followed by your fireplace. If they take a different approach, they should still address the soot in the fireplace near the end of the process.

Now, the cleaning depends largely on the tools used for it. Some companies might use a chimney soot remover with which they can get the job done quickly. However, it might not be the best for chimney clean out jobs where a lot of soot needs to be scraped off. You chimney cleaning experts will be able to tell you which tools they are using and why.

Once the cleaning is done, the experts will also take care of the residue that comes out. If they came in a van and the amount of soot is large, then they might take it with them in sealed bags. Otherwise, they will simply dispose of it it in the waste bin near your home.

Where Can You Get the Best Chimney Clean Out Services?

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