Lighting the chimney leads to the accumulation of soot and creosote, a flammable and sticky substance that can reason a fireplace if it is not removed. Hiring a chimney cleaning professional can be expensive, but if you use your fire frequently, reflect on consideration of shopping for some equipment so you can clean your chimney yourself. So, chimney cleaning has become the most important part for our house security, safety and chimney’s life extension.

Different Steps for Chimney Cleaning

Chimney in a chimney sweep pictureThere are four fundamental techniques for cleaning a chimney. You should discover all of the methods listed right here and determine which one works best for your situation. In this way, you can not only get the vast knowledge of chimney cleaning and also can learn the way to keep it clean frequently without much effort.

Rod Method, Top Down

This technique requires that you be on the roof. After inserting it into the opening of the chimney, you will use the chimney brush to easy the interior walls of the chimney through raising and lowering the brush. The brush will be linked to bendy metallic rods, and you will add rods to extend the length of the brush as you get similarly down the chimney. Many people pick this method because it effects in the least quantity of chimney cleaning inside the house. You can close off the opening to the fireplace inside the house, which will help include the suit and debris.

Rod Method, Bottom Up

This approach is comparable to the top down rod method; then again you work from the fireplace opening within your house, working from the back side up to the top of the chimney. Though safer for the reason that you do now not need to get on your roof, it’s very messy when you consider that you cannot seal off the opening of the fireplace. Be positive to use lots of tarps and drop cloths to maintain nearby ground and furnishings clean. In this way, you can make an effective chimney cleaning with Rod Method Bottom Up method.

Weight Method

This technique follows the same setup as the top down bendy rod method, but rather of attaching your chimney brush to flexible steel rods, you use rope, pull rings and weights. You’ll collect the rope and pull rings, including a weight of at least 20 kilos (9 kilograms) to the brush, elevating and decreasing the brush to scrub the internal walls of the chimney. With this method, you can also close off the fire opening to your house, allowing for a more contained clean up.

Dual Line Method –

This technique takes two people. A rope (and pull ring for keeping onto if you like) is connected to both ends of the brush. One person takes the brush and rope setup onto the roof and, while protecting on to one end of the rope, drops the setup down the chimney. The other person, who is in the residence at the furnace opening, grabs the different end of the rope. Each person takes turns pulling the rope, in order to work the brush-up and down to scrub the inside walls of the chimney. Since the hearth opening can’t be sealed for this method, it can be quite messy. Be certain to use tarps and drop cloths to keep close by ground and furniture clean.

Effective Chimney Cleaning

All the chimney cleaning methods can help you to make effective cleanliness of the chimney. So, you can choose the effective methods and can extend the life of your chimney too. So, to remove the creosote and to end up the soot and other chimney problems, try to do chimney cleaning frequently or once in a year. It can also save you from much other harm as well. So take the professional’s help and use these methods to save yourself.

To make your chimney cleaning effective take the help from the professionals. In this way, you can avoid other risks of leaks too. So make a call and contact us to get the assistance of the professionals. We can help you in this matter as we have the professionals who can solve all your chimney related issues in no time.