Burning fires in your stove can lead to the accumulation of soot and creosote in your chimney. However, it is important to clean your chimney at least once a year. You can use an effective chimney soot remover for this purpose too. There are a number of chimney sweeps in almost every modern country who are professional and provide good services. If however, you wish to clean yourself, consider picking up a few tools from the hardware store and clean the chimney yourself. To do this use different methods of chimney soot removers to make your own sweep as good as possible to do without a professional.

Why is Soot Produced?

Soot is produced at combustion when there is a surplus of carbon. Soot consists of 80–90% carbon and the rest is hydrogen. Often, you will find that soot is a result of burning moist wood. It is produced when using the incorrect burning technique or when burning in an old wood stove where the supply of oxygen is insufficient. If you want more heating, you should get a clean burning wood stove and burn dry wood. This way, you can avoid the production of a lot of soot in your chimney. Does Chimney Soot Remover Extend the Chimney’s Life?

Why Is a Chimney Soot Remover Important?

Chimney soot remover is important while cleaning the fireplace or chimney. The most important reason to clean the chimney is in order to check that you are burning in the correct way and to avoid soot fires. The more soot you find in the fireplace, the more gases are released and the less environmentally sentient the burning is. Therefore, the use of chimney soot remover is important for your chimney and your own safety.

How Often to Use a Chimney Soot Remover?

According to the regulations, you should get a professional sweep chimney at least once a year. If the chimney sweep comes to a home where he finds a lot of soot, this chimney might need to be swept more often. So, a chimney soot remover needs to be used there. The amount of soot that accumulates in a chimney depends on how much you use your fireplace or chimney, the type of fireplace you have and the burning pattern. What do you actually do, and how long does it usually take?

In Oslo, people do the sweeping and inspection at the same time, while in other places, they might do the sweeping one year and inspection the other. The sweeping operation can take from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on whether the homeowner has made proper arrangements for the chimney sweep and whether have any questions regarding fire safety in the home. The sweeping job itself usually takes a maximum of ten minutes, but also depends on the length and condition of the chimney flue. A professional chimney sweep would do a proper sweep and inspect your chimney at the same time. For non-professionals, it can be hard to know for sure if they’ve inspected everything in their chimney.

Does Chimney Sweeping Create Soot?

If the chimney, fireplace or any other heating system has been installed and followed up correctly, you must not find that there is a lot of soot coming from the fireplace. If you have to sweep from inside the house, through a sweeping hatch, there could be more soot, but definitely not much. So, a good chimney soot remover becomes an essential part of the sweep in such cases.

Precautions to Take Before Chimney Sweeps Arrival

When one decides to hire a profession chimney sweep, the homeowner should make arrangements for the chimney sweep by making the soot hatch and the sweeping hatch easily accessible. During and after the sweeping operation, it is a good idea to ask questions about general fire safety. Afterwards, you will receive an audit regarding the chimney and the general fire safety.

If you are feeling not comfortable with cleaning your fireplace by yourself you can always hire a chimney sweep. A chimney sweep will do a professional job and check your fireplace over to ensure its operational safety. A chimney sweep can apply the chimney soot remover in the most professional way. This can also extend the life of your chimney as well.

Fill out the form given below and we will assist you in a professional way to remove soot from your chimney and about the proper use of chimney soot remover. Enjoy your fireplace again and stay safe and happy!