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As a homeowner with a fireplace, your chimney might look great on the outside but on the inside, it could be screaming for attention and to be cleaned and repaired. How can you tell if your chimney needs to be inspected, repaired or cleaned? We perform chimney inspections and our chimney sweeps are highly professional. The […]

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Best time for a DIY Chimney Sweep

Best Time For a DIY Chimney Sweep

With its glowing embers that emanate warmth; the crackles and radiance, a wood burning fireplace best spells the word home. You certainly don’t want this radiance hindered by a faulty chimney that is reluctant to draw smoke causing your home to be smelly and filled with soot, or even worse, filled with fire! This can […]

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prevent chimney fires

How to Prevent Chimney Fires

The chimney is more than just an architectural structure in your home. It has an important function which is to carry toxic gases emanating from the fireplace, furnace or stove out of your home. As you unwind in front of your fireplace and bask in the sparkling flame, the condition of your chimney is probably […]

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animals in chimney

Bird Nests and Animals in Your Chimney

Animals are beautiful creatures, right? But certainly not when your chimney becomes their abode. That unsettling movement or unpleasant scaring in your fireplace could be a critter that has found a home in your chimney and fireplace home. Some Common Animals That Can Get Into Your Chimney 1. Squirrels Once in a while, squirrels might […]

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