A good fireplace cleaning can transform the way your fireplace appears. Fireplaces not only bring you warmth, but they also add character to your home. They can be the centerpiece that brings all your decor together. However, smoke and soot stains detract from the overall decor of your living room and can potentially be an eye-sore. Luckily, a good clean can peel away those stains and make your fireplace look as good as new.

If your fireplace has tough stains and needs an intense clean, a DIY fireplace cleaning probably isn’t the way to go. Professional chimney sweeps have methods and tools no homeowner can substitute with what can be bought at the store.  

Looking for a DIY Option?

An intense fireplace cleaning isn’t always what you need. Maybe you’ve already had your fireplace professionally cleaned recently and just need to make some quick touch-ups after the last couple of uses. Or maybe you don’t have time for a professional clean before your next dinner party. Whatever the situation, there are some easy at-home cleaning techniques you can use to get rid of some of those stains that have been bothering you.

An All-Natural Fireplace Cleaning

We recommend using an all-natural mixture when you do your own fireplace cleaning. Attempting to use stronger products without experience or the right tools can lead to a mess and may harm you, your fireplace, and your home. When you use an all-natural cleaner, you don’t have to worry about wearing layers of clothing to protect your skin, or placing tarps all over your walls and floors, so you don’t damage them.

One great all-natural cleaner is a mixture of cream of tartar with a small amount of warm water, added to make a thick paste. Not only is the mix effective and natural, but the required ingredients may already be sitting around in your pantry.

How to Easily Clean Your Fireplace 

Before you use the cleaner, sweep away any ashes and soot in and around your fireplace. This is to ensure you don’t disturb them during your cleaning and spread soot all over yourself and room. Once this step is complete, place a small tarp on the floor by your fireplace to catch any liquid that falls. Since this mixture doesn’t contain any strong substances, this step is simply a precaution to make clean up easier, when you’re finished. If you do get any of the liquid on your floor it won’t damage it and should be easy to wipe away. Next, place some of the paste on the soot stains you want to remove. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Finally, rinse off the paste with warm water. Repeat the process until you’ve reached your desired result.

This is such an easy and quick cleaning process it’s hard to believe it works. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how different your fireplace looks after. However, you won’t be able to remove every stain, especially the older and tougher ones. If you’re not able to get your fireplace looking as good as you want, complete the form below to schedule a professional fireplace cleaning.